Le Garage is a contemporary and transversal art gallery opened in 2016 in Antibes Located in the old town and housed in a former car garage, Le Garage is the largest art gallery in Antibes.

Its vocation is to present works of art of course, but also and in a broader way everything related to the work of the material, whether in an artistic, artisanal or industrial way.

The Garage is thus a space dedicated to creation and work, presenting the realizations of contemporary emerging or already known artists, sometimes of modern and classical artists, but it is also a space giving way to the creations of craftsmen, curiosities, and objects from the world of industry.

By decompartmentalizing these different universes, the gallery Le Garage offers a place of contemporary diversity accessible to a wide audience.
Visit us
2 rue du Marc, 06600 Antibes, France
Tuesday to Saturday
10am to 1pm - 3pm to 8pm