Yahya Adji

Born in Paris in 1972, Yahya Adji is an artist from the hip-hop culture, now based in Antibes.
For fifteen years he practiced high definition graffiti. During this period, he was invested in social action, animating graphic expression workshops for people in difficulty, while stalking, spray paint in hand, the streets of Paris and its region, its vacant spaces, its infrastructures… all these spaces becoming supports for colors, lines, shapes and materials…

Over time, he meets the "formal" world of mural painting, meeting up with the demands of the practice of public art. He then produced during this period various frescoes, sometimes of very large scale, for public institutions and private structures.

Little by little his interest got focused on color, materials, and naturally lead him towards abstraction ... from this mutation, however, still emanate figurative subjects, mainly portraits.

Of his "street artist" culture  remains the taste for large or very large formats, but above all a pugnacity, a power of the moment of creation, as if he was always in a transgression that has no right to last than just a stealthy moment.