Le Garage is a contemporary and transversal art gallery opened in 2016 in Antibes.

Established in the heart of the old Antibes and housed in a former car garage, the gallery Le Garage is a place of exhibition of artistic works and creative products. Spacious and bright, Le Garage is the largest gallery of Antibes and is a place conducive to the development of large format works.

The ambition of the Gallery Le Garage is to offer an open and friendly space where the public will be able to discover not only the work of artists and creatives but also pieces from various industries, craft cultures, and curiosities chosen according to the blows of heart.

By decompartmentalizing these different worlds, the Le Garage gallery offers a place of contemporary diversity accessible to a wide audience.
Visit us
2 rue du Marc, 06600 Antibes, France
Tuesday to Saturday
10am to 1pm - 3pm to 8pm