Yann Letestu

The nostalgia of the traveler, torn between the farewells of the departures and the calls of a new journey, is the subject of Yann Letestu’s slightly melancholic paintings. Nothing symbolizes more that feeling than a ship weighing anchor. That fleeting moment is reflected in the delicate grey-blue shades found in his paintings.

Yann Letestu lets wander freely the individual fantasies and travelling aspirations of each and every one. The vague outlines of his horizons reflect the incalculable incertitude found in the quest for our destination, as elements disappear in the mist.
That is precisely where the intrigue of his marvelous pictorial language resides: in the contradiction lying between departure and residency, between discovery and recurrence. Certainly it is not by chance that his workshop is to be found in the old harbor of Marseilles, as if he was always ready to leave for faraway horizons.