Giacomo De Pass

Italian of Venetian origin, Giacomo de Pass was born in Marrakech, in 1938. After the first exhibitions for which he was very successful, he went to France in 1958 to confront the Paris school.

Quickly, Giacomo de Pass was rand the city of Paris then made the first acquisitions of his paintings. From that time Giacomo de Pass divides his time between his workshops in Paris and New York where his creation operates a real metamorphosis, to emerge from the tragic shadow which characterized his expressionist work of the 60s, towards a painting flooded with light and colors.

Giacomo de Pass has been the subject of several retrospective exhibitions around the world and has been presented solo in many international spaces and fairs including the Lincoln Cultural Center in New York, the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, the national museums of Malta, the Palais Bourbon in Paris (national assembly), the FIAC Paris, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Museo de la Casa si Dante in Florence, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, the Louis ll stadium in Monaco, the World Bank in Washington. He currently lives and works in Peymenade in the Alpes Maritimes.